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Tips - Buying a Mannequin/s?

1. Consider a mannequins display power, ease of use and durability.
2. Judge a mannequin on how it will look dressed - not what it looks like naked.
3. Headless mannequins attract a wider scope of customer.
4. Consider implementation and usage within stores systems.
5. Consider quality and environmental impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Purform Mannequins made from?
A. They are rotationally moulded from Medium Density Polyethylene.

Q. How long can I expect my Purform mannequin to last?
A. If handled properly our mannequins will last 5-10 years plus.

Q. Are mannequins a good investment for my store?
A. Mannequins are a quality display investment that offer a quick return.

Q. How many mannequins do I need for my store?
A. We recommend approximately One mannequin per 1 square meter.

Q. Where do Purform mannequins come from?
A. Products are designed in New Zealand and made in India.

Q. Can I recycle my Purform mannequin?
A. Yes, MDPE plastic is a commonly recycled material. Contact us for more information  about recycling. 


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