Mannequins are a criticle link in your stores marketing plan!

Good visual merchandising is the key to good apparel retailing and can make or break a store.

When it comes to apparel retailing a mannequin should be a retailers best friend.

You've placed your advertisments, done your promotions and got the clothing range.... Now make sure you show customers what you've got, where it is and how to wear it. This is where you need mannequins.

Showing complete outfits improves customer shopping experiences because they don't have to search racks and 'put an outfit together' you also gain the benefit of selling 3 items rather than just one garment per sale
The unplanned nature of apparel retail shoppers

77% of customer apparel purchases are of an unplanned nature!
*Source (POPAI Consumer buying habts study Englewood, N.J.)

Therefore through effective garment display you can influence customers while they are passing by or just browsing. Mannequins are a retailers best friend when it comes to helping shoppers find clothes they like and want to buy. Its all about Point Of Sale.

Ask us more about mannequins role in your overall marketing plan.

Silent Sales Staff

The second best name for a mannequin is a silent sales staff, because thats exactly what a mannequin is. When positioned correctly it can direct customers through your store visually so theres no need for real store staff to ask 'can I help you' as they don't need help.

Not to mention you don't have to pay them by the hour, thats right imagine a one off expense for a lifetime of selling!

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