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Mannequins in stores

Our mission is to improve apparel retail sales by enhancing the customers perceived product value through the use of our mannequins.

Mannequins can improve garments and potentially entire stores visual appeal. They are the best way to improve your customers store experience by helping them to find garments or outfits quickly and easily.

Our subtle designs won't over power the look or quality of your garment.

Want something we don't have already? No problem, we originate new products.

Feel free to enquire about product our deveopment services especially if you like the idea of recyclable and very durable mannequin.

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77% of customer apparel purchases are of an unplanned nature (POPAI)

Therefore through effective garment display you can influence customers while they are passing by or just browsing. Mannequins are a retailers best friend when it comes to helping shoppers find clothes they like and want to buy. Its all about Point Of Sale.

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Purform mannequins are rotationally moulded from MDPE plastic (Medium Density Poly Ethylene) which makes them incredibly robust and recyclable.

Forget about damage to paint and fittings colours and connectors are moulded in.

Purform mannequins are produced under licence in India and can be distributed anywhere in the world.
Industry Support

Purform is a supporter of the Apparel Fashion industry and is involved with the following events and organisations as the preferred mannequin supplier.

** Air New Zealand Fashion Week

** FINZ - Fashion Industry New Zealand

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